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 What is D.Y.O. web?

We designed a web site that is input driven, allowing you, the owner, to activate and modify all its content and features through a simple set-up menu as part of the installed and "ready-to-go" website.
Version 3.1.1 now released.
 D.Y.O. Web feature:
1.   Pre-defined site and page layouts, selected through page setup menus.
2.   Multiple layer secured access for administration and page access, allowing to set up “members only” pages.
3.   Automated password management for users, including “forgot my password feature”.
4.   Unlimited number of top and side bar main menus.
5.   Unlimited number of sub menus for each main menu.
6.   Products can be listed as:
o    list - similar to real-estate applications - with all product details per entry
o    group - showing up to 30 selectable products per page
o    single images
o    automatic slide shows
o    or a combination of all of the above
7.   Single page product presentation with print option (e-brochure)
8.   Business partner/customer/supplier section
9.   Advertising section
10. Color theme selection
11. Announcement banner on home page
12. Integrated web mail access
13. Multi language support – you maintain the language content yourself
14. Mailing list option with user self-registration
15. Multi language mailings based on registered user language
16. Integrated forum for discussion groups
17. Guestbook option
18. Integrated GoogleMap® - How to find us
19. Internal website search through built-in search engine or Google® site search
20. Creating of sitemaps and submission to Google, Yahoo and MSN
21. Unlimited number of analytics routines supported.
22. Secure Access (HTTPs) now available on menu (page) level.
23. Online booking forms available to accept credit card payments.
24. Automated SPAM control with temporary automated IP ban. 
25. D.Y.O. Web maintenance and release updates are included free of charge.
All features are included in the advanced package, some are not available in the entry level and standard package. It is up to you to turn them on or leave them turned off for later use. None of these features need developer support – You are in charge!  By the way – this web site is built and maintained using D.Y.O. Web.

Contact us if you have further questions or order D.Y.O. Web today and put yourself in control of your website.

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