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 Why did we develop D.Y.O. web?
RFID Australia Pty Ltd and its business unit HelpIT Australia are involved for many years in design, development and implementation of online solutions.
We originally designed standalone solutions for wireless communication, tracking solutions and identification systems. However, over time more and more companies demanded internet access for their applications instead of standalone solutions.
Through this conversion process we got involved in design, programming and implementation of web based solutions. We realized soon that the main problem with these types of applications is maintenance. Corporate customers always accepted ongoing maintenance contracts for in-house developed solutions. Moving to the new world of internet based solutions (websites) this changed entirely.
We now faced the challenge to maintain the same level of professional standard for ongoing maintenance, however our pricing for this service now being compared to any type of other “cheap” website developers. Of course we could not continue to provide the same level of professional service against this type of competition – many of them only providing for small amounts a “one-off” solution and their customers are faced with the dilemma of ongoing maintenance – either pay for every single update of your site or the site becomes stale. Not a pretty scenario.
So we looked at CMS solutions – content managed sites - and started using some of the available solutions. What this did was enabling us, the developer, to have a “standard” platform to develop and maintain solutions, however the customer (end-user) still had the same problem – paying for maintenance or learning internet based languages to update and maintain their sites. As long as we talk about static sites this is quite feasible, however dynamic sites with database back-ends are a different story.
So we developed a standard dynamic website solution for corporate user, providing a user interface to update and maintain their site – D.Y.O. Web version 1. The user now could update their own dynamic sites, add more menus and change some of the layout parameters. Still it was tailored to each customer’s needs  and needed in-house training.
Over time we added more and more design flexibility to our D.Y.O. web solutions, now putting the customer in control of not only maintaining their own site but also changing the entire site significantly to adapt to their own changes, without getting us, the developer, involved.
The final result is now D.Y.O Web version 3. We added system generation options to it, enabling setup of a new site within less than 1 hour – most of all: the setup itself is done by our customers. We install the entire software for you and provide you with administrator access. That is it. You are guided through a simple 8 step setup procedure and your website is ready.
With all these interfaces in place we are now able to offer the same professional websites to everyone. Have a look at some of the demo’s on this site to see how easy it is to setup and maintain your own, professional dynamic website without paying enormous money for initial development and/or ongoing maintenance. And of course, we setup and maintain our own website using the standard D.Y.O. Web package.
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